“Urban Nature Shadows” Mural painting (2013)

Series of work researching the relationship between Nature and urban spaces. Investigating our perception of plant-life in a dialog with our cities.

Shadows of plants and weeds project their shape on cement in sidewalks, on bricks on buildings, on roads, becoming part of our urban experience.

Lived and seen everyday but not really perceived completely from us. Those shadow seem to talk about a connection between our cities and the small residual of nature which surround us.

Giada Crispiels_UrbanShadows-of-Nature.1Giada Crispiels_UrbanShadows-of-Nature.2

New Haven (CT), 2015. Commissioned by NeighborWorks New Horizons, and Yale School of Architecture in collaboration with Artspace NH.


11.Urban shadows of nature_2013

Peoria (IL), 2013. Commissioned by Prairie Art Center.